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Glufosinate 150g/L SL TDS


                                                                 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET


Product Name: Glufosinate Ammonium 150g/L SL

Molecular Formula: C5H15N2O4P

CAS No.: 77182-82-2

Molecular Structure:



Molecular Weight: 215.188

Properties: 150g/L

Appearance: Light Blue Liquid

Melting Point: No Data

Bolling Point: 97ºC

Relative Density: 1.07g/cm3 at 20

The Refractive index : No Data


Flash Point: 96ºC

The Solubility is completely soluble in water, insoluble to Methylbenzene, acetone, Ethyl alcohol.


1. Weed Control in Farmland:Applying glufosinate ammonium 150 in farmland effectively controls the growth of most weeds, enhancing crop yield and quality. Especially for stubborn weeds such as Aegilops tauschii and early-maturing grasses, glufosinate ammonium demonstrates excellent preventive effects.

2. Orchard Weed Control:Weeds in orchards compete for nutrients with fruit trees, affecting tree growth and fruit quality. The application of glufosinate ammonium 150 efficiently controls weeds, increasing orchard productivity and profitability.

3. Non-cultivated Land Weed Control:On non-cultivated lands, such as roadsides and ditch edges, applying glufosinate ammonium 150 rapidly eliminates weeds, maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment.

4. Forest Weed Prevention: In forest management, glufosinate ammonium 150 is widely used to control weed growth, preventing them from adversely affecting the growth and development of trees.


Name: Bian Xingyuan

Title: Chief of QA Jiangsu Agro Farm Chemicals


Date: Jan,18th.2022


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